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Original BL Vampire Dramaedy Novel
The Smoke in His Voice

“We are those that hunt the Night.”

The oath that every Slayer takes to join the Order. Warriors who vow to protect humanity from supernatural entities called the ‘Nocturni’. Warren Yi, a scion of an Ancient vampire line and a Dhampir (Half Vampire). Serves the Order despite knowing that one day if he breaks his oath, he will become the hunted.

When a group of Nocturni plan on resurrecting Dracula, THE Dracula. Warren heads to the small town of Stoker, Nevada but gets sidetracked by a singer named Nicolo Volpe. Who's seductive charms and beautiful voice lures him in….and monsters too.

Now it’s up to Warren to train Nico and his band to protect Stoker from the fiends inside and out. Will Warren be able to save everyone or will he have to sacrifice his heart and more?

Cover Art by @Teaffeine

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